Piston Valves

Piston Valves Manufacturer In India

Piston Valve is basically Seatless and Glandless valve. Piston Valves In Gujarat works on the principle of Resilient rings in conjunction with a Metallic Stainless Steel Piston, giving a Seal that is both effective as well as Durable. The piston passes through two sealing rings and Each sealing ring is Stainless steel reinforced graphite which provides a soft seal against a piston.

Piston Valves Advantages:-

  • Efficient and Accurate
  • Easy to maintain
  • energy saving isolation valve
  • Provide long life
piston valves manufacturer in India

Piston Valves Features

  • Large effective sealing area
  • Leak proof isolation.
  • Durability unexposed to media
  • Absence of Gland & Seat
  • Maintenance friendly
  • User Friendly valve
  • The Only Scrap Free Valve
  • Self Lubricating valve
  • Self Cleaning valve
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