piston-valves indiaPiston Valve is basically Seat less and Glandless valve. Piston valve works on the principle of Resilient rings in conjunction with a Metallic Stainless Steel Piston, giving a Seal that is both effective as well as Durable. The piston passes through two sealing rings and Each sealing ring is Stainless steel reinforced graphite which providing soft seal against piston.


  • Efficient and Accurate
  • Easy to maintain
  • energy saving isolation valve
  • Provide long life



  • Large effective sealing area
  • Leak proof isolation.
  • Durability unexposed to media
  • Absence of Gland & Seat
  • Maintenance friendly
  • User Friendly valve
  • The Only Scrap Free Valve
  • Self Lubricating valve
  • Self Cleaning valve


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