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We are engaged to manufacture, export, and supply our qualitative industrial Pinch valves, Pneumatic Pinch Valve to the various abroad industries for the various applications of the industrial works. The name is only enough to believe and to purchase our first class quality of the “Beena Pinch Valves” in India. The “Beena Engineering Works” is eminently engaged in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting a wide range of well developed industrial pinch valves in IndiaIt is our specialty to manufacture the various types of pinch valve, such as Pneumatically Operated Pinch Valve, Body Pinch Valve, Closed Body Pinch Valves, Pneumatic Pinch Valves, and so on. Many industries and cities are contacting us for the well-equipped forms of our pinch valves as our pinch valves are widely demanded. Our extensive network of Pinch valves suppliers in India is due to this.

The Company has installed a facility to manufacture Industrial Valves ¼” to 48” with “FLOWRISE” Brand Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Pinch Valves, Gate-Globe-NRV Valves, & M.S. S.S. Pipe Fittings. We have our own 3 independent Mfg. Units each for Industrial Valves, Pinch Valves Manufacturers, Cock & Pipe Fittings, Pneumatic Actuator Pinch Valve India.

Leading Manufacturer Of Pinch Valve, Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Knife Edge Gate Valves, Actuated Ball Valves, Globe Valves Supplier, Piston Valves, Flush Bottom Valves, And Dimensional Details.

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“Defined quality pinch valves are the core reason for the success of any System.” And we are the one who delivers ISO certified 9001:2008 pinch valves which has the defined start, stop and throttle functioning quality. Beena Engineering Works is a prominent designer and manufacturer of fully ported type pinch valve, engrossed in manufacturing, supplying and exporting defined quality pinch valves ranging from ¼” to 24” at the competitive rate in India and Overseas. The wide acceptance of our pinch valves is due to the team endeavors towards considering each body part as an imperative part and concentrating on each part during the manufacturing process which includes pinch valve body, sleeve as well as actuator. The matchless end product, prompt delivery and round the clock customer support is the USP of our company which has enabled us to get the niche in all industries located in India as well as abroad. We are a reputed organization occupied in contributing a quality-approved range of Pinch Valve. If you are looking for the pinch valve than Beena Engineering is the right place for you ” Quality is everything for us we never compromise with Quality” Pinch valve is cost effective, low maintenance, corrosive is mostly used for free passage of solids, straight through flow like granuels, powders, slurries etc. These valves are usually requisite in the market owing to their smooth functioning and performance. For the ease of our clients, we offer these valves in custom made forms as per the definite provisions of our clients.

The Irresistible Features Of Our Open Body Pinch Valves, Closed Body Pinch Valve And Pressure Assisted Pinch Valves:

Quality Control

Low Maintenance

Low Weight

Cost Effective

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What is a Pinch Valves?

Our Organization is established in 1989 by Mr. Umesh Chandra and Amratlal shah, We are as leading Manufacturer, Supplier, exporter of various types of Valves such as Butterfly valves, Ball valves, Pinch valves, Diaphragm valve, pulp valve, dual plate check valves, PFA Lined Valves, plug and piston valves, cocks and pipe fitting of the stainless steel, cast steel, Gun-metal, bronze, forged steel.

Our products are worldwide famous and valued for their unmatched performances and low maintenance requirement. Backed with engineering experience and years of knowledge we prepared qualitative pinch valve as we never compromise with quality, also used quality standard material that is taken from trusted vendor. Beena Engineering name is well known in the market as customers know us by our pinch valve. The main advantage of pneumatic pinch valve is that fluid passing from it does not come in contact with its metal parts except sleeve. Pinch valve are reliable, maintenance free, cost-effective, compact size is mostly used by large industries such as chemical, petro-chemical, oil, gas, slurry application.

Application Of Pinch Valve




Tanker Trucks


Aggregate Industry

Olive oil presses

Powder coating

Powder and bulk

How They Work – Pinch Valve

A pinch valve is a two-way valve that is used to shut off or control the flow of abrasive, corrosive, or granular material. The valve is closed or opened by compressed air. The valve has no constraints in the open position which allowing a extensive range of media to pass through the bore. The valve is flexible interior rubber sleeve isolate the medium, reducing the danger of contamination. A pneumatic pinch valve with flanged end connections is shown in Figure.

Slurries and granular goods such as sand, cement, gravel, textile fibre, charcoal, powder, pellets, chipping, glass pieces, and so on are excellent for pinch valves. These valves are affordable, dependable, and simple to operate, making them ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

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