Pinch Valve Is An Effective And Low Cost Solution For Controlling The Flow Of Solid, Liquid And Slurry, Water, Sewage, Food Application In Various Industries.

The best feature of the pinch valve is there is no contact between metal parts and the transport media, which enables it to control the flow of abrasives and corrosive.

Control Mechanism Of Pinch Valve

Pinch valves use liner motion method to control the flow of media.
The disc of the pinch valve is flexible, and the stem of the pinch valve has free-moving link to a closure bar describe as a compressor.
As the hand wheel is revolving in the pinch valve, the compressor facilitates the liner by lowering it to press the liner against the base support to shut the valve.
The pressure of the media facilitates the pinch valve in start and stop operation of the flow.

Pinch valve Manufacturer in india

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