We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the supreme quality of the pinch valves. The wide acknowledgment from the industries which are using our product is the result of our efforts to provide them exact product as they are looking for by offering customization options in pinch valve. Here, we have listed the different sleeve types and the features of the sleeve so as a customer can avail the sleeve which is best suited to their custom pinch valve.

Assortments in Sleeves and its salient feature of each:

Standard sleeve:

100% full port through entire length

Options available of high quality elastomer

Double wall sleeve:Three times thicker than standard sleeve
rugged effective for reducing the port diameter
Recommended for extremely abrasive service
Hour Glass Sleeve:Reduced port is centered in sleeve
reduced port sized to match the flow conditions
Recommended for flow control applications
Funnel sleeve:Reduced port sleeve is extended from center of the sleeve to the discharge end
designed for reducing cavitations within the body of the valve
Recommended for flow control application
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