We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the pinch valve, which are available in various options, apart from the available options. We provide customization in the pinch valve so as you can get the perfect product which best fits to your requirements. Here we have listed the elastomers with the best features for your reference so as you can select best suited elastomer for your Pinch Valve India.

Features of Elastomer of Pinch Valve:

Pure Gum Rubber: Matchless resilience
Matchless rebound elasticity with high tensile strength
withstands up to -40 F to + 180 F
High resistance to tear and abrasion
Hypalon: Excellent resistance to flame, weather, abrasion
Excellent resistance to alkalis, acids, oxidation
Withstands up to -10 F to 250 F
Neoprene: Best resistance to inorganic acids, alkalis and salt solutions
Non susceptible to Flame
Resistance to oil and vegetable oils as well as animal oils
Resistance to petroleum oils
withstands up to -20 F to 225 F
Nirtile: excellent resistance to mineral, oil, greases, dilute acids, alkalis
Excellent resistance to hydrocarbon solvents, vegetable oils
Withstands up to -10 F to 210 F
Chlorobutyl: Excellent resistance to water, heat, fats, sunlight
Resistance to ozone, oxygenated solvents, alkalis, abrasion
Withstands up to -30 F to 300 F
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