The enclosed body pinch valve design appears similar to the open body pinch valve. In addition, the most flow through and closure mechanism is similar to the open body pinch valve. The difference in the enclosed body pinch valve is the liner with the protective case and the enclosed body for compressor. The core benefit of the enclosed design is, you can use outer side fluid or pressure to keep liner open or closed. In Enclosed body pinch valve conventional wheel and screw pinching device is equipped into the system which facilitates to control the any media flow.

The Enclosed body pinch valve is best executed with hydraulic or pneumatic pressure of the fluid or gas within the metallic body which facilitates in forcing the sleeve walls together to perform an open and close operation.

Operation of enclosed body pinch valve

The desired operation can be achieved by turning the hand wheel clockwise to close the valve, whereas to opening of the gate valve can be achieved by turning the hand wheel in the counter clockwise direction.

Manufacturer of Enclosed Body Pinch Valves in Anand

Best features of enclosed body pinch valve

Other features of Enclosed Body Pinch Valve

Specification of Closed body pinch valve

Body Type Enclosed or Sealed
Body Material Ductile iron (CRN available) or aluminum
Available size 1″ (25mm) to 60″ (1500mm)
Standard Face-to-Face ASME B-16.10, DIN 3202, ISO 5732
Temperature -50deg F to 250deg F
Actuator options Manual self-lubricating hand wheel embedded with gear reducer (optional)
In-Line Tube Change Yes
Wear Sensor Yes, option available
Max. Working Pressure Up to 300psi (20bar) (consult for higher pressures)

Note: We offer pinch valve standard sleeve, pinch valve double wall sleeve and pinch valve hour glass sleeve, pinch valve funnel sleeve so as you can select the sleeve as per your requirement. In addition, provide wide assortments in actuator and elastomer to meet the exact need of yours.

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