Pinch Valve

A pinch valve is one type of flex-body valve with a flexible tube have on/off function that can be pushed simultaneously or “pinched” mechanically during a mechanism or through fluid force to create a full closure of the flow path which facilitate closing and opening the flow of fluid through a tube without any contact among the liquid and the valve itself.

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An economical piece of equipment pinch valve works like a tap; it has 2/2-way valve designed to an on/off function, to allow, shut off, or control the flow of several media passing through it.

Pinch Valves supplier in Vadodara, India

Pinch Valves are the ultimate solution for isolating & regulating abrasive or granular media, fibrous and corrosive products. The Pinch Valve is mortal used more & more as a regulating valve or an isolating valve for emulsions, dusts, sludges, compressed air, gaseous materials, powder, pellets, granulates, etc.

Air Operated Pinch Valves suggest a cost-effective and best solution to flow control problems with use to advanced and latest technology, innovative design, & top standard quality construction materials to provide the longest sleeve life. The valves’ only wetted part – it is the secret of the rubber sleeve. The moderately economical pinch valve is the simplest in any valve design. It is simply an industrial edition of the pinch cock use in the laboratory to manage the flow of fluids throughout rubber tubing.

Our industry provides a wide range of valves such as pinch valve, gate valve, ball valve, N.R.V.-Non Return Valve, Pneumatic actuator butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, globe valve, pulp valve, Fep/Teflon lined valve and Check Valves Manufacturer In India The pinch valve is also referred to as a clamp valve which is a linear motion valve. Manufacturing pinch valve uses a rubber tube and it has used to regulate, start, and stop fluid flow.

Parts of Pinch Valves:

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