Valves Manufacturer in Kolkata

Beena Engineering Works is a High Quality Ball Valves Manufacturer, Butterfly Valves Manufacturer, Plug Valves Manufacturer, Check Valves Manufacturer in Kolkata, India. We are a leading manufacturer of Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Plug Valves, Check Valves, etc. in Kolkata and nearby areas. Our Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Plug Valves and Check Valves are manufactured according to International ASTM ANSI Standards, ASTM API Standards, ASTM DIN Standards in India. Mail us for Easy and Quick Quotes at Factory Prices.

Actuated Ball Valves Exporter in Anand
Ball Valves in Kolkata
Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in Anand
Butterfly Valves in Kolkata
Manufacturer of Check Valves in Ahmedabad
Check Valves in Kolkata
India's Top Diaphragm Valves Exporter
Diaphragm Valves in Kolkata
Manufacturer of Flush Bottom Valves
Flush Bottom Valves in Kolkata
Foot Valves supplier in Gujarat, India
Foot Valves in Kolkata
Gate Valves|Knife Edge Gate Valves – Manufacturer & Supplier in Anand, Ahmedabad
Gate Valves in Kolkata
Superlative cost Globe Valve manufacturer
Globe Valves in Kolkata
Jacketed Valves - Beena Engineering Works in India
Jacketed Valves in Kolkata
Needle Valve Exporter in Kolkata
Needle Valves in Kolkata
No. 1 Pinch Valves Manufacturer in Anand
Pinch Valve Indutries
Manufacturer & Supplier of Pinch Valve
Pinch Valves in Kolkata
Supplier of Plug Valves in India – Pinch Valve
Plug Valves in Kolkata
Exporter of Pressure Reducing Valves Manufacturer
Pressure Reducing Valves in Kolkata
Safety Valves Manufacturer in Kolkata
Safety Valves in Kolkata
Sight Glass supplier in Kolkata
Sight Glass in Kolkata

Valves Manufacturers in Kolkata:- Materials

  • Bronze Valves in Kolkata(CAC401, CAC406)
  • Brass Valves in Kolkata (C3771)
  • Gray cast iron Valves in Kolkata (FC200,FC300)
  • Ductile iron castings (FCD-S)
  • Carbon steel castings for high temperature/pressure service (SCPH 2)
  • Stainless steel castings (SCS13A,SCS14A)
  • Alloy steel castings
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