Knife Edge Gate Valves incorporate gates made of stainless steel and other superior alloys are ground with super surface finish on both sides to assure positive shutoff. Design of Knife Edge Gate Valves ensures minimum contact between the parts of the valve thus reducing wear & tear. This type of valve with stand high temperature & abrasive slurries in Mining, Steel, Power, Chemical, and Paper Industries Ideal for high-density Slurry Lines.

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    • Isolation for pulp, fibrous
    • slurries and sludge industries
    • Thermal Power plants
    • Cement Industries of Slurry Lines
    • Pulp & Paper Industries
    • Steel plant and Sugar Industriespinch valve

Fly ash, powders, Clean or Corrosive gases.


  • Body Bore – Full bore
  • Gate – Ground, polished and radiuses for low torques
  • Superior finish for low emission and positive sealing
  • Gilded Gate – Cast jams in the body for guiding the gate
  • Smooth operation – retrofit from manual to pneumatic
  • Pneumatic actuator and limit switch
  • Solenoid valve and air filter regulator, etc.
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