Diaphragm Valves are Equally suited to flow control applications.Diaphragm valves used for processes where the absence of dead space in the valve is essential.Diaphragm valves are operated by manual intervention or by powered actuators.

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Features /Advantages:

  • Diaphragm – Open type and close type
  • Body-Bonnet Joint – Stud / Nuts for high bolting strength
  • Rising as well as Non-rising
  • Limit Closing Option
  • Sealed Bonnet Option for toxic and hazardous fluids
  • Pressure Rating PN6 for 8″ and larger

Application of Diaphragm Valves :-pinch valve

  • Weir Type
  • Straight Bore Type

Weir Type:-

             The weir style valve provides simple open and closing features and also give small times to produce plenty of work so it gives more life of valve.

Straight Bore Type:-

                 The straight type of valve is better than weir type valve to handle fluids, slurries, and also provide facilities to clearing of a line.


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