A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve which is used to regulate flow. The initial butterfly valves were available in large sizes (6″ and above). Butterfly valves have only a couple of part in contact with the process fluid. Uses of butterfly valves can result in reduced weight, space and overall cost requirements.

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Applications of butterfly valves

  • Throttling service requiring low pressure drop.
  • Corrosive service needing lining in the valves.
  • Slurry or abrasive service.
  • High pressure and high temperature steam service.
  • Cooling water, fire water, circulating water etc.
  • Vacuum services
  • Agricultural and waste water treatment .pinch valve india

Advantages of butterfly valves

  • Open and close easily and quickly, fluid resistance is small.
  • It can operate frequently and good regulating performance.
  • Simple structure, small size and light weight.
  • It can carry mud, with the least accumulation of fluid.
  • Low pressure, it can achieve a good sealing.
  • Quite reliable and require little maintenance.
  • Available in very large sizes.
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