Ball valves are used extensively in industrial applications. A ball-check valve is a type of valve with a ball without a hole. A Ball valve in which a ball regulates the aperture especially by its rise and fall due to fluid pressure.

Ball valves are versatile and supporting pressures up to 1000 bar, temperatures up to 752°F depending on its design and material.

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There are five general body styles of ball valves:

  • single body ball valves
  • three-piece body valves
  • split body ball valves
  • top entry ball valves
  • welded ball valves

Applications of Ball Valves:-

  • Abrasive services
  • Hightemperature services
  • Cryogenic services
  • Explosive decompression

 Ball Valve Advantages:-

  • Does not require lubrication
  • Low purchases and maintenance cost
  • Rugged construction and give long services life
  • Able to functions without side loads
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